Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sorry about the posting, just a really busy week. My kitchen will be complete tomorrow and I can't wait to show pics . We took our kitchen floor and stripped it and waxed it and it looks like a brand new floor! Still want to get tile because the flooring is that commercial linoleum that you see in schools, but at least it works for now!

My son brought progress reports home and uggh I hate middle school age. I knew he wasn't doing his homework because I hadn't seen any in a while, but I kept asking and he kept saying he had done it in school, his french class he had 11 zeros and a 53 average! So it is safe to say he is so grounded for a while! I just don't understand why the teacher didn't notice a pattern and contact me before things got that bad! I made sure I wrote that on the progress report when I sent it back to school!

Have a mardi gras parade today so it is going to be another busy day!

Hope all is well!



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