Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dressing Your Family in Name Brands Cheaper than Walmart!

My son loves Aeropostal Clothes but they can be expensive! I have learned that if you check the thrift stores you can get almost brand new and brand new Aeropostal clothes for a fraction of the prices. Also if you check at the end of each season Aeropostal marks down their seasonal clothes to nearly nothing. for 2.99 .You can get t shirts and pjamas' etc. This goes for any brand out their, if you are willing to do a little searching in a thrift store or waiting for the right sale, you can dress yourself and your children in name brand clothes for less than those at walmart!

Don't be afraid of thrift stores, I know sometimes they do have a smell to them but you can find some wonderful things. Example I found my son a almost Brand New Calvin Klein T-Shirt for 3.50 this is not clothing but I bought a brand new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for 12.00 and it is normally 60.00 in stores. I have found Abercrombie Jeans and Holister Shirts. As I said before, yes some thrift stores have a smell to them, but all you have to do is take the clothes home and wash them! In this economy most people just can't afford to spend reg prices and why do it when you can get them new or nearly new for less.

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  1. I love finding bargains like this!

  2. Wow that is a lot of freebies. Totally cool. I have a teenage SD and those stores appeal to her too. Thanks for the post. Hugs!

  3. I'm a big thrift shopper too- I've been buying clothes & other miscellaneous stuff at thrift stores since the mid-1960s, and I have found some of the most amazing things! Fortunately, my youngest daughter, who is 17, loves buying her clothes at thrift stores. That's our retail therapy!

  4. is that digital scrapbook stuff? over from biblical womanhood frugal friday. I'll never find you again...could you either email me or hit my blog to answer my question. Thanks!


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