Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good morning all! Well my Autism Awareness Walk is this Saturday. I am so anxious because we have worked so hard for this. Say some prayers because the weather is calling for scattered showers and this will be so hard to reschedule because the park that is letting us use will start having little league baseball games soon after wards, so we probably will not be able to have it in the same place!

I want to watch Oprah today because she is going to have celebrity chefs on their showing affordable dinners! These are always interesting because there take on affordablilty is usually
a little different than ours!

Me and the other leader of our Autism Group is supposed to meet with a lady's group about sponsership. It would be nice (100 a month) for the group. the only thing is I think it is probably a dressy type meeting and I just hope it is not one of those uncomfortable type ladies meetings!

I have been sitting here lately thinking about myself. I love to learn new things! I have so many hobbies that I am trying to learn and wanting to learn. I guess I get that from my Grandfather, he was sort of a renaissance man, loved to learn what he could. I was thinking about cake decorating. I came across this website and it is really awesome resource. They have also had a thread on gourmet cake flavors and there are tons of recipes in there as a matter of fact there is almost 80 pages in this thread and tons on every page!

I was thinking of making a cherry cake using marachino cherries, juice in place of or part of water and making a chocolate ganache filling! If I get a chance, I am going to try it and will take a picture!

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  1. I know what ya mean about cooking on a budget..thanks for the heads up about Oprah!
    good luck for Saturday!


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