Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am in heaven! As most of you know I am really trying hard to lose weight and me and my weakness is dessert! Well I found dessert heaven and all the recipes are under 300 calories! Look at this chocolate mousse for 150 calories! Check them all out on this page!

Speaking of Kraft recipes, do you get the Kraft Food and Family Magazine! If you don't you are really missing out and it is totally free! This month there is a recipe for skillet potato's and I think I am going to make that with grilled chicken tonight! The only difference is I am using the 2 percent cheese instead of the full fat! Also it call for the oscar meyer center cut bacon (you can use any bacon you want) I do have to say that bacon is really yummy and is thick slices! There are also only 70 calories per 2 slices and I don't think that is terribly bad!

It is starting to warm up enough for the kids to start wearing shorts so I went to the thrift store last night and bought my daughter some American Eagle Shorts for 1.75 and they look brand new! I also bought her a pair of Bannana Repuclic Shorts, J crew Shorts and two tank tops for 11.00 . I think I did pretty well!

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  1. omgosh,that site is awesome! Thank you!

    I used to get the Kraft magazine all the time, but I haven't gotten one in forever. I wonder what happened? I'll have to check out their site and look into it - I used to love their recipes.

  2. I love that magazine -- there's always so many things that my family will enjoy from it. I especially love how often they give you different takes on what are pretty standard dishes -- sometimes for us, just a change in presentation can make a lot of difference.

  3. I get Kraft magazine there are some really easy fast meals in their. I've used a number of their recipes and if I don't have their brand on hand but another I use that and the recipe works just as well.

  4. Hmmmm . . . I'll have to check out that site. Dessert is my weakness too, and I love to bake. It's hard to believe you could really make anything delicious for 300 cal. or less, but I'm gonna check it out!


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