Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am so angry, I could just spit fire! As most of you know, I am involved in an Autism Awareness walk next Saturday! We started working on this last year and me and the other lady involved have been the only two doing this the whole entire time. Well yesterday, we received and email from two other ladies that worked with Cindy to put this on last year (different group, plus the president of the whole state association said we were not working together again this year) They were mad because they felt they had been left out and were not invited to take part. By the way one of the women had said she wanted to help about a month ago and we tried to contact her and she never emailed us back and said another word to us! I wasn't involved with the group last year but from what I was told they kept Cindy out of the loop last year and she didn't know about how anything was handled and that is one of the reasons she wanted to do this on our own last year. They talked about how the proceeds were split last year , I really just think they want part of the money even though no one is getting anymoney, all our proceeds are going to the state camp so hopefully they will have enough money this year to fund it and keep the cost down for these children! This is the most childish and petty thing I have ever heard. They have politicized this support group and it is so catty! We should all be working together for the same goal (the children). What kills me is the one woman is supposed to be a leader of another support group and her husband worked with mine and new we had an Autistic child and we have never been invited to that group. I am glad in a way we werent because they sort of picked and chose who they wanted instead of trying to expand across the coast! I am sorry for rambling but this is just aggrivating and we will see how it plays out!

Got dressed up and went out with a couple of friends last night! I decided I was going to wear high heels with my bootcut jeans and they looked so cute but I haven't worn high heels in ages
Oh my feet hurt so bad! The only bad thing was the service, this girl sat down nearly almost all night! She forgot my husbands drink for about 30 minutes uggh! She definitely did not get a tip!


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  1. im sorry, sometimes people are just crap. its more about their feelings then what the actual purpose was in the first place!

  2. I am sorry about all the issues around organizing the run. It is so hard when you just want to create something postive and egos get in the way.


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