Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I got my ears pierced again this past saturday. i have had them done a couple of times before, but let the close up because one, my children were little and didn' t want them pulling on them and the second time because I got infections in them. Well todays is day 4 and my right ear is sore! It doesn't look red and hopefully it is because I lay on my side and it is irritating it. I have been cleaning it atleast 3 times a day! I want this to work because there are some cute earrings that I want to buy! Anyone have anyideas how to take care of this I would appreciate it!

I am about to get my son's room finished and it is going to look so nice when it is finished. We had ordered hima 400 dollar bed and because the furniture company kept putting it off I canceled my order and found him futon (he wanted this from the beginning) that a military couple was selling for 25.00 and looked brand new (they said it was used 4 times and was never slept on). so i used the rest of the money to buy him storage for his room ; his room is very small. I went to a salvage store and they had a stock in from michaels and I bought hime these cubicals that are used for craft storage but stack up and you add a top and turn it into a desk! I took the doors off of his closet and that is where we will put that. Today I saw and etsy seller that sold wall clings and think I will order hime this for his wall!

I am also waiting to hear on a zoom lens! I was the second to respond to the offer but he said the woman in front of me asked him to give her a day to think it over. i hope she changes her mine because it is a canon 100-300 4.6 for 125 shipped. This is what I really need!

Today is mainly templates !

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  1. Awesome looking templates.. and no secrets to the ears.. sorry! I have 4 holes in each ear, and never had a bit of trouble.. I hope it stops being sore... have a great rest of the week!

  2. For piercings, tea tree oil is AWESOME! I used it on both of my girls when we got theirs pierced at 10 weeks each and no infections. Even now if they get red, I just put a few drops on it daily.

    Actually, tea tree oil is awesome for just about everything including ear aches. I use it constantly.

    Good luck!

  3. You got a great bargain with the futon! Way to Go! I'd love to see pictures of your son's room when it's finished.
    Tea Tree Oil, as mentioned by Heather, is fantastic for pierced ear infections and foot fungus (I'm sure you didn't want to read that.)
    Take care of your ears!

  4. would love to see room pics when you get it finished -- sounds great!

    it's been so long since I've dealt with pierced ears -- I always used Neosporin or some type of polysporin, and then cleaned them with alcohol each night.

  5. i have no good advice for the ear - too many years since i dealt with that!! but i hope it gets better,and i love the templates!


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