Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have to make some of this rocky road candy. Doesn't that look delish! and how easy is that! I know I don't need to be looking at this but oh my that looks so good! i also want to try to cut down on so much red meat that we eat and I have been hearing about these black bean burgers so I think sometime within the next week I am going to try this recipe.

I really need to start taking my camera out and working with it more! I have to say I am blessed by where we live because we have so much beautiful nature around us to photograph. The other day my husband and I were going fishing and we drove down by these docks and there was a guy cleaning his fish on the end of the dock. All around this guy there were pelicans in the water and then beside him on the dock there were like 5 pelicans lined up, they were not bothering him at all but just waiting. Iwish I had my camera it would have made the neatest picture! We also in the same marina have lines of shrimp boats that would make an awesome wall picture.

There are some beautiful freebies today and hope you enjoy them!





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