Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mothers Day Gift/Frugal Friday

I know Mother's day is a couple of month's away but now is the time if you would like to give a homemade gift and I found this link for a bracelet and thought this looks lovely and would make a wonderful mother's day gift!

Here is my frugal friday tip before you buy a big purchase such as furniture, check yard sales, classifieds and freecycle!

I think I scored a really good deal! My son who will be 13 wanted a futon in his room and I was going to buy him a new one but I checked a local yardsale/for sale website. Found one that someone was selling for 25.00 has only been used 4 times and never been slept on! Even if it was for the frame alone 25.00 is good deal and I am going to use the extra for shelving for my son's room .

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  1. I've found that there are quite a few good deals through Craigs List ... as long as you don't mind weeding through a bunch of crazies.

  2. I'm with Andy on Craig's List....just be careful, lots of scam artists out there.

  3. very true abiut the fueniture. i scored a pratically brand new couch, coffee tanle, side chair, 2 throw cushions and 3 or 4 quality dessert pans for 150 bucks! so dont forget estate sales!

  4. thank you for the tip and the link! I think I'm going to have fun going through all your frugal friday tips!

  5. Love the frugal tip...will be back to read more! Super looking layouts too!


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