Sunday, March 22, 2009

So what did I do yesterday? I went and watched my son and husband play paintball when I got to walk around the field and take pictures! Well let me restate the fact it is really the woods but it works for them. My husband has been trying to get me out there to play and I really and a chicken for pain but I think I will try it once because it did look like so much fun. It has been so good for my son because he had such a hard time in school and I have noticed since he has been playing, that he has gained so much confidence. The guys on his team just have taken him under there wing and been his mentor because he is the youngest on the team!

Here are a few pictures, because I have almost 200 pics taken from yesterday. It was really good practice and this is about the only time I can get my son in front of the camera! Lol.

Then on our way home, we stopped down by the marina and there was a man cleaning his fish and feeding the pelicans and oh they were so much fun to watch! Especially the two that were fighting over one fish! I will show you those and some more pictures tomorrow, bccause don't have much time, got to get ready for church this morning!!

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