Friday, April 24, 2009

Frugal Friday


My daughter had her 4th grade program last night and it was so cute! It was all about our state and they did such an excellent job. As most of you know already my daughter is autistic and the last 2 or 3 years she really hasn’t been included to much in the end of the year programs but they did this year and she did it all by her self. There wasn’t any aide up their having to help her! I was so proud, even with all the movement of kids up and down the risers she did not get upset. I was so agrivated because when it was her turn to get up front and dance with the ribbon I could not see. I got a few pics but there were so many other kids involved that It is hard to block them out to put on the blog! The pics were not that great because no 1 it was in the cafeteria under those bad lights. 2 It is a 75-300 lense and so it is big and I don’t have tripod and got too much camera shake!

As for frugal friday , this week I want to talk about ingredient substitutions in cooking. I read Like Merchant Ships and she sort of touched on the subject. I love to cook and sometimes some the things I want to cook can be expensive because of the ingredients, so to save money you compromise! For example if a recipe such as soup (don’t do this one in desserts) calls for heavy cream just use plain milk. I like risotto but arborio rice is expensive so just use regular rice and you will get about the same effect except it may not be quite as creamy! For shallots, you can just dice a little bit of onion! Most of the time If a recipe calls for white wine, just use chicken broth!

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  1. I do the same thing! I couldn't believe how expensive shallots were when compared to onions.

    And I rarely use cream ... I use whole milk if needed and just buy the smallest container (since we only drink skim milk in our house)

  2. Love the substitution tips! I'm always trying to figure those things out and sometimes I guess right, sometimes not!

  3. so happy for your little one!! and i love the way u line up the freebies here. i just noticed u have a thrifty thursday like me. well darn i think i just copied all the ladies with my blog titles for the week. i ran into a foody friday earlier and i hear i was thinking i had all the good ideas. weird!

  4. love your frugal friday tips! thanks for sharing.


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