Friday, May 1, 2009

Frugal Friday

In my works for me wednesday post, I stated that if there is something you want to learn, than you can find tutorials all over the net and that learning something new could be beneficial. Well I got to think about that and one of the things that I love is Bath and Beauty Items. If you are like me than 18.00 dollars for a sugar scrub is expensive. Do you actually how much it actually cost to make these yourself about dollar or two.

Here are a couple of simple recipes! Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe! I found it here! 1 1/2 c. white table sugar 1/4 c. light vegetable oil you can use olive oil also
Here is a website that shows you how to make your own cosmetics!

See it doesn't have to cost a fortune to look good and works exactly the same as the expensive stuff that you are just paying for the name! What awesome Birthday and Christmas Presents you could make and it would not cost you that much!

Here is also a tutorial for a handmade greeting card! Just think about how different you can make yours and it will be very personal!

Also those that are interested in Digiscrapping, National Scrapbooking Day is Saturday and there are going to be freebies all day long! I will try to list those as soon as I come across the information. For those that have never done it before start early and get your name on as many newsletters as possible so you can find out where all the freebies and the sales are!

I will be cutting off entries for my necklace giveaway today at 12:00 Pst!

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  1. beautiful freebie lists! :) thank u!!

  2. Thanks for the links! Have a great day!


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