Thursday, April 16, 2009

Husbands Weight/Hungry Girl

As most of you know, my husband visited the sleep center the other day and he know has to go back for another night so they can find the right machine and air pressure. My husband is a rather large man and we have been really trying to to lose some weight! I am excited about getting him on this machine because from what the doctors told me that it will give him a lot better rest and he will have more energy so hopefully that will help lose the weight! Right now, he will fall asleep as soon as he sits down !

We have been watching what we eat and I have lost nearly 20 lbs and he lost 10 but the problem is exercising. He sits behind a desk and gets no exercise plus he just doesn’t have the energy. So for his birthday we are getting him a gym membership to planet fitness because right now here it is only 10.00 a month and I am going to get one also and maybe between the cpap machine and the  gym and a new way of cooking, we can get him back on track and we can do this together.

I got to thinking since he has a lot to lose and I still have about 50  to lose, I need to find recipes to help change my way of cooking. I love to bake so that is what will be hard for me but I was checking out and she has recipes that have been changed healthier including desserts like this creme brulee ! I think I am going to be checking out her cookbook! Anyone else with good healthy low calorie recipes or websites I would love to know.


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  1. Good luck to your hubby! I know how hard it is to loose the weight, but he can do it! I have lost 60 lbs now, and i am on a roll! :)

  2. I'm going to have to check out those websites you posted! I browse Weight Watcher's website every now and then for inspiration and also I've been trying to research what ingredients can be substitutes for all those unhealthy things in recipes like cheese, oil, cream cheese, etc. that way I can still use regular recipes, but make them more healthy.

  3. hey tell him to come up here and chase these kids around for a while and that will take off alot of the weight lol good for going to the gym though he'll like that

  4. Good luck on your weight loss journey...just remember not to get down on yourself. Changing habits takes time, and you'll have good days and bad days.

  5. have you considered doing weight watchers? I've lost a lot of weight (over 60 lbs)and so has my husband (over 40 lbs) with the support and guidance of their plan. I strongly encourage going to the meetings too. They are a great social outlet and over time you actually look forward to going.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss so far and good luck with keeping it going!


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