Saturday, April 11, 2009

i am back! what a long week! I love my nieces and nephews, but they are stuck on an army base in the middle of nowhere and there is not much to do! I slept on their sofa all week so I am so tired! They also eat out almost every night and I think if I eat one more fast food item I am going to get sick! I guess I make it sound like a bad time but it really wasn't. My bro in law took my son to the gym everynight and boy I really noticed how my son has grown up lately. He looks more and more like a teenager everytime I look at him, as a matter of fact one of the guards thought he was 16 and wanted his ID and I had to tell her he was only twelve (he will be 13 in 4 months). Where does time go, I can remember when he was brought home from the hospital! I can't believe easter is tomorrow, with easter in one day, I thought I would link you up to this site it is all about holiday crafts, and recipes and etc

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  1. A week of sleeping on a sofa - not fun :(

    Thanks for the freebies.

  2. Sorry about having to sleep on the sofa!! And WOW look at all these goodies! I'll have to bookmark you right now ;)


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