Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Sunday



1. Chocolate cherry bread pudding, 2. Cooking Light's Peanut Butter Pie, 3. cherry vanilla cake, 4. The *Official* Dessert of Spring

Here are some more pics with recipes to look at and to try! The recipe I tried this week was the cup cake pops from Bakerella! Boy they are time consuming because you really have to make sure they are thoroughly chilled!

I want to ask those that make these what should the consistancy of the  cake and the icing be once mixed, mine seemed to be mushy almost. I waited until the cake cooled, maybe that is the consistancy but just was not sure! they tasted fine when it was done , more like a truffle than a cake though!

Check out the coffee recipe in the link below, It looks so yummy f. I love that and I even figured out a way to make it healthier! I think I found my heaven!!!

Brewed Daily

If you used the fat free whipped cream and used the sugar free syrup it would at least make this treat a little more figure friendly as Rachael Ray would say!

Join in on the Sweet Sundays  put a link to your sweet that you created or a favorite sweet that you love, just click on an image and add you link!

I went with my husband and son yesterday and played paintball for the first time. It was quite fun but I was so scared at first and people just kept laughing at me! I had two kills(lol). The bad news is my husband got overheated and nearly scared me to death.  We ended up leaving early because he just did not feel well and he had  the second part of his sleep study that night!

I found a magazine I think I really like. Have you ever read the real simple  magazine, it is awesome. I bought a brand new copy at the thrift store for 39 cents along with a new copy of gourmet magazine. They have so many money saving, house cleaning and recipe articles. It is really useful.

I also am going to try one more time to see if I can people interested in the  My Favorite Things Swap, you can read about it here!

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  1. I made cake balls a couple of times and found that I had to periodically put the mixture in the freezer while making them; otherwise, it just because one big gloppy mess.

    I've never tried paintball but my eldest daughter did and OMG - I could not believe the bruises and lumps she and her friends had when they were done! She had a lump the size of a golfball on her head!

  2. oh my - they look so yummy! thank you!

  3. what a wonderful blog. it's my first visit by I so much enjoyed it.


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