Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yesterday was field day at my daughters school so we went for a little while. She had a bawl!

It is nasty today, boy it is lightening outside and after this weekend we do not need anymore rain. We had houses that flooded (ours didn't thank the lord) our library flooded ugh!
I started a bad thing about looking at the sites on etsy. Oh I have found my birthday, christmas and anniversary present lol! I would like to start learning how to make jewelry because it looks fun and would save me a little cash, does anyone have any good websites for learning and also supplies because we do not have any beading stores!
I went to the thrift store yesterday and I bought myself 3 pairs of paints, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 shorts and 4 new pairs of earrings for 40.00 not bad. I had to laugh though there was a family in their that must have never have been in a thrift store before and I could here the dad say, I am not buying something just to say it came from a thrift store! Now that thrift store shopping has become the in thing it is busy at the thrift shops!
Here are todays freebies


word art


quick pages

Kit/Add ons


  1. Thanks for the freebie lists, I am still a freebie hunter when it comes to great templates!

    And, btw... two days ago I started an Etsy acct... there really should be a law or something lol

  2. I just love your food blog roll - want to come and live with me?! LOL I love to eat but hate to cook. I'm gussing you're somewhere in the US? We have kind of thrift stores in the UK, but nothing as good as you have :)

  3. Lovely freebies.

    Too bad about the flooding.

    Etsy is wonderful - love to browse around and find interesting things.

  4. thrift store finds are always fun!

  5. Love those pics! Here's to no flooding!!


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