Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Dentist: Thrifty Thursday! Buying on sale and using leftovers: and Blog Giveaway


Yesterday was another bad day, had to take daughter to the dentist again. She screamed bloody murder and she screamed so loud that she was horse when she came out of the office. It is bad when everyone in the office is making faces after you hear her scream. They knew last week when I went, I was aggravated because I was not given updates on what was going on so this week the nurse comes out to gets another child and says you do know that is Shelby screaming!  I was so furious because it was her attitude when she said that hit me the wrong way. I know once we get all of this done, she will not be going back. The only reason she is going to this dentist is because they giver sedation but I honestly don’t think it is strong enough. Well finally I sent back my mp3 player and that helped some but I don’t like the fact we can not go back to calm her down.

Today’s Thrifty Thursday post is about using leftovers. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas , and Easter they always put hams and turkeys on sale. This is a wonderful time to stock up because do you know how many meals you can get out of a ham or turkey. For ham I like to make scalloped potato’s and ham , navy beans and ham, ham sandwiches etc. For turkey love to make turkey salad, turkey and noodles.   It saves you some cooking time and money in your wallet from not having to buy so much meat! So when you see them on sale around the holidays pick up an extra one or two.

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  1. great stuff -- thanks for the search tip!

  2. Wow! What a cruddy dentist! We're not allowed to go back with our kids either, but they make exceptions for kids who are having a hard time with the experience.

  3. That is VERY strange that a dentist wouldn't let a mother be in the room with the child. A child for god's sake!! My mother is 72 years old and I go in with her for EVERY appointment she has! I would certainly be looking for another dentist also.

    Thanks for the tips and all the pretty kits. Hope today goes better than yesterday.

  4. Wow, sorry about the dentist. I just had work done on a bad root canal that had absessed last week. Not fun. Hope your daughter is better now!

  5. I love my swagbucks...sorry about your dental issues. I love my dentist and his back office staff but the front office people drive me nuts. My dd has had braces two years and they JUST submitted bill to insurance....nuts!Hopefully you can find somewhere better to take her to.

  6. Thanks so much for putting this all together! And I swear, we have an ear, nose, and throat specialist that seems to be related to your dentist!! bah.

  7. Wonderful list! So sorry about the dentist thing...I don't think I could handle it. I would just barge right in!

  8. Ugh, I hate the dentist!


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