Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Sunday

I am tired it has been a long weekend, but it has been fun! Friday nights bday party was so much fun we had such a good time. I made the strawberry pie for dessert and made the crust from scratch. As you can see it is not perfect but it tasted good! One of my pies didn't set right so I ended up making a trifle out of it and it turned out well.

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Saturday was a picnic for our Autism Support Group and it started out stressful because when we went to go for the first come first serve pavillion we found out someone did not tell us right and it had to be reserved so we had to try to find a place fast! We ended up in a park with one picnic table in the middle of the sun! All in all it turned out well!

National Scrapbooking Day was well, there were lots of freebies. I was broke so couldn't buy anything but I know there was some awesome deals. That is the way it always goes when I don't have money is when they have awesome sales.




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  1. I never make pastry from scratch! I am impressed :)

    Really enjoyed NSD - lots of great freebies.


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