Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vent and Thrifty Thursday: Frugal Vacation


Venting: Uggh! this has been the worst month. I swear we have had to put so much money in my daughters dental bills and it has gotten behind! On top of it all, because of our insurance we have to mail order our medicine well they should have taken our payment out as soon as they received the order (pay by debt card) they waited 2 months and I found out they took it out today ! It seems like every time I have gotten my budget straightened out that it gets blown up and I can’t seem to catch up!

We are going on vacation to Destin, Fl the end of June with my mom, sister and her kids. My mom is paying for the Condo and  Gas  to get there. We are planning on cooking all meals except maybe one dinner. We plan on staying on the beach or the pool most of the time.

I am going to the dollar tree to  pick up some things for the kids to play with in the water and maybe some small crafty things and some word search books!

What are some other frugal and thrifty things we can do while we are there that won’t cost or very little. Also give me some of your best frugal meals that can be frozen to take with us?

Here are your freebies



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word art







quick pages









  1. Oh, I hope you have a ton of fun on your trip! Some free things to do: maybe go to a local nature preserve / state park. Go play a sport together, especially on the volleyball,, etc. Cheap freezable meals ... spaghetti, shephard's pie, meatloaf, fried chicken, hmmm... now Im getting hungry! lol Oh, you could freeze the cobbler recipe on my blog today. Then just bake and serve :) Yumm!

  2. thanks for this list of freebie !
    have a nice day !

  3. Wow thanks for all the links to freebies! I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Hmm, with the frugal & ready-to-prepare food, don't just stick with frozen stuff. Microwave dinners are always good. And microwavable popcorn. How about for snacks, those cookies with dips?



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