Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello Again


Hello again, it seems like forever since I have blogged! Oh boy vacations are fun but it always seems like you need a vacation from the vacation when you get back. I lost some weight from swimming and walking to the beach and back.

My son had invited a friend so we to the beach and the pool at least 3 times a day! Oh boy I am so tired! Destin was fun and the weather could not have been better! The worst part is Thursday night before we left there was a car accident and knocked out the power for over 4 hours at night. With 115 heat index it was not fun. I got into my bathing suit to sleep and actually got into a ice cold bath!

The really bad thing about going to those touristy areas is the fun stuff is so expensive! We had been before and there is a go cart and ride center that we enjoyed going to last time. I don’t remember it being as expensive as it was. The tickets were 2.60 cents a piece so for both boys to ride go carts 3 times and bumper boats twice it was 60 dollars. If I hadn’t already promised them this, I would have left! Oh well thank goodness it is not something we do everyday!

I  have so much cleaning up to do and so did not have a ton of time to search! so here are your digital scrapbook freebies for today!









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