Thursday, June 4, 2009

Homeschooling and Giveaway

Sorry, today I haven't been able to searching because I have company coming and you know how it goes with the last minute cleaning! I did want to ask if you have any homeschooling links would you please share. We have thought about this before but it is a definate for this year. My son has had such a hard time in middle school and his grades really suffered this year. His math skills are not what they should be. He went from a's and b's in the beginning to 1 c and all d's at the end of the year and I am sorry but that is not like him. He passed by the skin of his teeth. I was just wondering also how you set up your day if I could see some examples that would help. I have a feeling I am going to busy all summer getting ready for this!

Before I go, those that digiscrap and like hybrid scrapping have you checked out this blog! I know you know her as a designer but this is an awesome inspiration blog full of ideas and tuts!

Also today is the last day for my photo canvas giveaway it is a about a 100.oo value the comments will be closed at 9 central time so please enter. Still only 3 entries!


  1. My son had the same problem in middle school. Didn't know if it was the hormones, being a crazy boy. I don't know. But when he got in High School, his grades went back up. Maybe your son is having puberty mind mush problems too. *s*

  2. good luck getting all set with homeschooling.... Mardels (if you have one locally) has a bunch of great homeschooling supplies...

  3. Good luck with the home schooling thing...I cant blame you!


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