Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday; Apology

I am sorry for no post over the weekend. My cousins daughter was here and we were on the go all weekend long! Also there is no post for freebies because the program I use to add the freebies is messing up. My computer is being slow and it gets stuck sometimes.

Also wanted to let most of you know my posting might be sporadic at best the next couple of weeks because starting Sunday night we will be having Vacation Bible School at our church. We don't get out until 8:30 and then we drive the van so we won't be home until after 9 . If you know anything about bible school you get wore out! Then the next week there will not be any posting because I will be out of town for a week. We are going on vacation to Florida and after the previous week, I am going to need it lol!

Here is my menu plan monday!

Monday: Salmon Patties with cole slaw
Tuesday: pork loin w/ baked potato/veggie
Wednesday: stuffed baked potato
thursday: not really sure yet
friday stuffed ploblano's and a salad

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