Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Friday:Getting Back on Track


You know when it seems you are doing well with money management and then all of a sudden you fall back off the wagon that is what we have done. We ended up getting credit cards that we don’t need and know we are paying for it.  We are making our payments but lately it is a struggle to keep up. 

We sat down last night and figured up our bills and we really have some belt tightening to do. We figured though if we tighten our belts up and if nothing comes up, that hopefully we can have things paid off even our car. We decided to really all work together and get this done. If we can’t afford something, then we just won’t do it. 

Usually our credit union every Christmas offers a holiday loan and we usually always take it. Not this year we have just about gotten them paid off. Christmas may be smaller this year, but we have gotten away from the meaning of Christmas any ways so this is a way to get us back on track. 

I am going to really try harder to make more from scratch ! One thing we have done recently is cut out soda’s  we make tea or kool aid and my husband takes water to work! That cuts about 10 dollars out of my budget. I am plan on reading and implementing more frugal ideas.

Here are a few things I want to make from scratch


chocolate syrup


Here are your digital freebies






quick pages







  1. Good luck with getting back on track.

  2. Best wishes from me too, to get back on track. It happens to all of us at one time or another - the secret is not to get in too deep.

  3. All you can do is plug away and keep trying! Mary Hunt suggests that you freeze your credit card in a jar of water, that way you have to really wait before making a purchase. I know that I would use them, so we simply don't have any! You will reach your goals, just keep looking ahead!


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