Sunday, July 26, 2009

Learn something new!


I learn something new every day! Sometimes it is good things, but sometimes it is not so good. Today was a disability day at our local children’s museum where local groups that deal with people with disablities can set up tables and pass out information. Our autistic group set up a table and it was very productive.

here are a couple of photo’s

My dear hubby!



What I found out today is that locks of loves have a income cut off for providing free wigs for children. I am sorry but I still think that is so wrong. People donate this hair. Besides that even if their income excedes 28,000 they still have other bills to pay.

It was so cute, there was a group home that was performing today at the get together. They were singing elvis songs and and it was just adorable.


I was able to sign my daughter up for a special needs soccer team. She was so excited and I am too. Especially since I found out a couple of children in her class were on this league. I also made a bunch of new contacts for our group!


Here are today’s freebies ( just a really small selection today!)






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  1. Wait a sec ... you mean if a family earns more than $28,000 in combined income, they are not eligible to receive a free wig from locks of love?

    Around here, $28,000 is not much at all ... it's barely above poverty level.

    That is very disillusioning to learn.

  2. Very interesting!
    I almost didn't get here from dst because your link had a comma instead of a dot after the www :)

  3. ok i can see mischief in his pic!!!


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