Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pictures from Christmas Party and Another Goal !


here are some pics that I took at our Autism groups christmas party! What really irks me is that people say they want to be involved with our group, but never show up. We only had one other family show up!


My husband hating having his picture taken!

IMG_2889-Edit copy

My son who really hates his picture taken and has to be bribed and threatened lol! I don’t know why the colors look so dark on this blog! uggh!

IMG_2919-Edit copy

This is my baby girl, she is not my baby anymore, she turned 11 in december!  I don’t know why my pics are such wonky colors, they don’t look like this in photoshop 8

Sorry, I don’t take pics of myself because I can’t stand to see how much weight I gained!

while, I was listing my goals the other day  I forgot about one goal. That is to have my Christmas  shopping done before next year!  I have used swagbucks and have actually gotten an amazon gift card from them,  but never thought about saving up my points to use at christmas time! This is something that I would like to try and do. If you have never signed up for it, it is a search site and you earn points to use for giftcards or other prizes. I have had 2 gift cards so far. I used my amazon one to purchase my 5.oo subscription to real simple magazine! If you haven’t signed up and want to, I would appreciate it if you signed up under me because you get referral points.

Search & Win

I would like to start a gift closet and pick things up all year round while they are on clearance!

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