Monday, January 17, 2011

New Cookbook and menu plan monday!

Thursday was our 15th wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem like 15 years. So my husband took off and we spend the day together. We went and had doughnuts for breakfast and then for lunch we went to an italian restaurant. It was sooooo good. They bring you out fresh bread and pasta to begin with, and I literally had to stop myself so I would not fill up. That was some of the best pesto I have ever had! Then we had fried cheese ravioli for appetizer and yum, yum you could taste parmesan cheese it was delish!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for the main entree we both had salads (had to try and keep something light lol!).  After we left, we went to Barnes and Noble ! I got a new cook book and a coffee!

I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite cookbooks, so many detailed instructions lots of pictures and tons of yummy recipes. They have a whole section on food equipment you should by so you don't waste your money buying the wrong things! there are two others like it one that is healthy and one for baking and would love them both!  I think, I am going to be sharing plenty of new recipes.

now on to my menu plan monday

Menu Plan Monday
Monday: breakfast for dinner
Tuesday:  Baked Chicken Tenders
Wednesday:  Steak Salad
Thursday: grilled chicken and salad!
Friday: Roast and Mashed Potato

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  1. I have this cookbook too but need to start using it. I hope we both can find some good recipes out of it!


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