Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coconut Meringue Pie: Saturday Swap

I am tired. I got up at 4:45 am yesterday because I could not sleep. Got up and made lemon bars that crushed my diet for years.  Had my nieces and nephews all day long and grilled dinner for my family last night. Yes I am tired but it has been so nice. The kids have been off for spring break this week and my husband is off until Tuesday and no one has to be anywhere. we can just be lazy or not!!  

  Still trying to get my stuff together for Easter, gonna make my bake beans tonight and then I will make the meringue part of the pavlova tonight my son picked a couple of cups of blackberries from our yard and I decided that I am going to add them to the pavlova and make it strawberry and blackberry topping.. That way all I have to do tomorrow is to put the ham in the crock pot and warm baked beans and then make the topping for the pavlova after church. Think, I am going to use this glaze on the ham. If you have an awesome glaze please leave the recipe or link in the comment section because I am still open to anything!

  Once this week is over, I really want to get more serious with menu planning. I think by keeping themed nights, it will help us keep our  budget down. I want to schedule a day for testing recipes because I have found so many yummy recipes lately that I want to try and post about. Hoping all have a wonderful Easter and remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. I am going to leave you with a tried and true recipe that will be wonderful for Easter.: Please stop by tomorrow and link up your desserts with Sweet Sunday's

 Download here, ou can print these at any place that prints photos. They are jpgs.

God Bless

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