Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Repost : Outrageous Brownies!

This was a recipe I tried 3 years ago when I started my blog and thought I would repost it again and link it up to

I have been hungry for something chocolate for a while. I saw these brownies the other day watching barefoot contessa and they looked delicious so I decided I would try it. First of all, if you are watching your diet you might as well forget eating these. There is a whole pound of butter! There is a whole pound plus 2 cups of chocolate chips and 6 ozs of unsweetened chocolate. Made them last night and they turned out really well, but I didn't realize how much chocolate was in these brownies until I went to make them! Oh boy they are sweet! I mean really sweet. I am sweet eater , my husband always ask me if I would like coffee to go with my sugar, but these are almost too rich for me! I believe the next time I will leave out the extra chocolate chips that you don't melt and mix in! I think that is what was a little over the top for me!

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  1. I have tried those brownies, too. They are so rich and wonderful...but because they are so rich, I seldom make them. Thanks for the reminder. I think it may be time to pull out that recipe again :-)


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