Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweet Sunday: Homemade Caramel Pop Corn

Yesterday was a beautiful day and there were a ton of yard sales. I love spring and I love to go to yard sales. Sometimes you find pure junk and then sometimes you will find pure treasures. We have gone out  the last few weekends and found nothing but Junk. This week I was able to pick up some pretty good stuff

  I am always in need of  turners in my kitchen. I was able to find a  brand new Kitchen Aid Turner for 2.00. It was still attached to the package.

Next came to a garage sales and I found Three cookbooks and a small La Crueset Saucepan Total Spent 3.50 Cents:

There is a recipe in that middle book for Bubbles and Squeek. I can't wait to try and post the recipe for! Not bad for a days dinner.

Now for the sweet part of the post.

                                                              Caramel Corn

I got the recipe here but added roasted peanuts to the mix!

Here are some of my pics for the recipe but once the carmel was finished everything went quickly so I didn't get a couple of the steps.

Please link your  favorite desserts below!

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