Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday : Memorial Day Recipes

 Before I start my post, just want all those know that have been affected by the tornado's recently that my
prayers are with you. My cousin recently lost her home in one of the previous tornado's and it really has hit home. Those that have not affected, I ask that you give to the red cross or the salvation army because with all the recent disasters I know they must be stretched thin. I also know from after Katrina what a great help these organizations can be from helping others get back on there feet.

This weekend marks the beginning of summer. There are so many grilling and summer recipes out there!
Do you have a favorite recipe you like to cook for memorial day! Remember starting in June I am going to start cooking a recipe that corresponds with what ever the national food of the month is so stay tuned.
Main Dishes


visit the pioneer woman for recipe

Shrimp Skewers

Visit Kraft Foods for the recipe

Side Dishes

 Visit Kraft for the recipe

Visit the simple organized for instructions

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