Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Voice, Homemade Baked Season Fries and a Great Bible study

I guess I am late to the game, just started watching the voice the other night. If you have never watched it it is nbc's version of American Idol. It was really good from what I see and I just really like the format of the show. Of course I have only seen 1 show but I really like it they just seem kinder than on American Idol. 

The other night I made these homemade fries. Oh they are so good. the only thing  I did different was I did not have any rosemary so I left it out and doubled up on the garlic powder. Also and this was my fault, when I cut up the potato's early I put them in water so they wouldn't turn brown and I did not get all the water soaked out of the french fry so they didn't crisp up as much but again that was my fault. Here is a before pic.
I didn't get a chance to take an after pic because they were gone before I could get one.

I am my churches youth leader on Wednesday night's. I have always leaned on material for all of my bible study lessons well I sort of changed things up and decided to do a character study of David with the kids using just the bible. It really has forced me to sit down and really study my bible much harder but I feel like it is more of a success. The kids really enjoy it and I am enjoying it and my last night lesson was a definite hoot. I can see the kids becoming more and more interested. I am ashamed that I let myself rely so much on material before but I can see some changes coming to my group and they are definitely for the better.

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