Monday, June 20, 2011

Waterville, U.S.A, Pizza,Fathers Day and Menu Plan Monday

Our youth group went to Waterville u.s.a in Gulf Shores, Alabama over the weekend. I have to say the park was really nice. It cost about 32 dollars a piece but that included the water park and all you can ride roller costers, go carts and even goofy golf.  I promised my son I would ride the roller coaster and I did but I have fufilled my promise and no more roller coasters for me because I am a chicken! I wish we could have spent the whole weekend in Gulf Shores and went to the beach.

On the way back we stopped and ate at CiCi's Pizza.

If you have never been there is just about any type of pizza on that buffet you could imagine. I love the bbq pizza, I could just eat the whole darn pizza. My husband made me try this one pizza and I think it was zesty veggie; I am not a fan of tomato's but these were so yummy on this pizza and it is made with a zesty ranch sauce on the bottom. I think, I will try and recreate this at home.

I kidnapped my husband yesterday and  my kids and I and my parents went to steak and shake for dinner. I love that place. I am so glad we don't have one locally or I would be really really fat. I love there jalepeno patty melt. Yesterday it was extra spicy with lots of fresh peppers on it. Then we took my husband to the flea market where I was able to pick up a flat of strawberries for 5.00. I am going to use some for a trifle on the 4th and some for freezer jam. What are some of your favorite strawberry recipes? We had an awesome weekend. I am tired and feel like krispy fried chicken but had a great time. How was your Father's Day? Did you cook out or go out for dinner?

Gotta get back to my menu planning for this week.

Monday Grilled Cheese sandwiches
Tuesday Roast Chicken
Wednesday  Chicken wrap
Thursday Orange Chicken
Friday:   BBQ something, not sure yet
Saturday: Homemade pizza

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  1. ive never had orange chicken but the recipe looks tricky! i subscibed to your emails and following via gfc because i liked your blog
    i'd love if you checked out my Menu Plan for this week


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