Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adding Flavor to your food: Cooking With Herbs and Spices.

One thing I am trying to learn is how to cook with herbs and spices and spice blends. The spices that I mainly use is garlic, cumin, chipolte powder, chili powder, italian seasoning. I really want to learn to expand my horizon and to branch out. I also would love to learn more about flavors and which Herbs and Spices go with what meat. I have been doing some searches to find different sites and here are a couple that my be a help to you learn your herbs,spices and spice mixture. My problem is  what flavors go well with what food, I know dill goes well with fish, and mint goes well with lamb but other than that it is just a guess. What is your favorite flavor combination, how did you learn about flavors  or do you just guess?


quick reference quide to herbs and spices

whole spice.com  (click on each individual spice and it gives a description and what it can be used for)

Teachers Guide to Cooking with Herbs and Spices

pairing spices with dishes

adding flavor boost to your food


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