Friday, July 15, 2011

Peach Pit and Peel Jelly

Has anyone made Peach Pit and Peel Jelly? I found a recipe online and you boil the peaches and peels, let it sit and strain the juice. I had all of it done and this morning I was straining and my husband called and said pits were poisonous. He had me so afraid, I dumped the juice and it was turning such a pretty pink color. There were tons of recipes online so I don't think it would be bad but I didn't want to make something no one would eat. I am just irked because I did all that work of peeling peaches and boiling it and straining it. Do you ever make it, what is your feeling with it. I did get 9 bags of frozen peaches out of my 25lbs.

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  1. Hi! What a shame you could not keep it! New GFC follower from alexa hop! Hope you'll stop by to say hi and return the follow!


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