Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi, hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I know I did but I am ready for everything to get back to normal. This time of year is really hard because my husband is off for two weeks after Christmas and we are so broke by the time he goes back to work it is not funny. I have to tell you that yule log was so yummy! That mocha whipped cream filling was to die for! Thank goodness everyone ate it all up so I did not have any to take home with me because my diet would have went out the window. Yeah, yeah I know you can't really diet during the holidays and I didn't expect to lose any but I did not want to gain any either. I am very proud because I have lost almost 20 lbs. Still lots to go but I went down a size and I feel so much better. I was going to show you what I got for Christmas, I call these my hot momma shoes.
They make me feel so good and they really are comfortable. So what did you get?  Since I am broke and all have had to do is be on the computer the last couple of weeks I have been stumbling through pinterest?  I love to bake and here are a few things that I found this week you might be interested in! You can follow me here!

If you have never been to pinterest it is a pinboard where you can pin recipes and Ideas . All I can say is be prepared to spend a few hours looking and pinning. 

snicker doodle cupcakes I plan on making these this week for my Wednesday night teen class at church.

cherry chocolate chunk whoopie pies
If you are on pinterest leave me a link to yours so that I may follow!

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