Saturday, March 17, 2012

Awesome Saturday

I have to admit, I had an awesome Saturday! We started out the morning by going to the blessing of the bikes. It is held at a local church by the Christian Motorcycle Association. The people bring their motorcycles and the people from the CMA come pray over the people that they have safe travels on their bikes. What I really like is that they offer a salvation message. I really love these guys from the cma. They always come out and help us with our Autism Walk every year. Here are some pics

Then we went with my son to our local state park so he and my husband could fish and I could practice my photography! I forgot something at home and when I got back my son had caught 3 fish! Here is a picture of the biggest!

 Here is the drink of choice for the champion fisherman!

Here are some pics I took at the park!
An Alligator that is partially under the bayou! Here is another alligator out in the bayou!
I took a few more but those are some of my best!

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