Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What will I cook Wednesday! Android Camera Apps

I don't know about you but I love all these camera's you can get for your smart phone. I do not have an iphone so I can't use instagram, but I have found about 3 or for camera apps for my android. I have several on my phone because they all have different effects.

Pudding camera

retro camera

little photo


Here is a recent photo I took of my daughter.

Here is one of my little dog!

They just make taking instant photo's fun for facebook or a blog! love them. What is your favorite camera app for your smart phone!


I love pinterest! I could spend hours just looking and pinning, especially recipes. My problem is I have a ton of recipes pinned but have not taken the time to make them. This is where I need your help. Starting next week I will post a list of several recipes that I would like to make and have you vote on the top ones that I will make and write a post on!   


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