Thursday, May 17, 2012

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and A Confession


My today’s works for me Wednesday is all about my favorite kitchen gadgets to make cooking and baking in the kitchen much easier. I  have to say I am not one to buy every  kitchen gadget or appliance out there because I just would not have any space left. I mean who really needs a quesadilla maker when you can just use a plain skillet.  There are a few things that do make my life so much easier and that I use constantly.


Source: via Beverly on Pinterest


I use this thing constantly, from straining canned beans to using it as a sifter or sprinkling powdered sugar on desserts. I did not realize how much I would use it  but it really does come in handy.


Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

pineapple corer. My family loves pineapple and I can not cut a pineapple without it looking butchered so this makes everything neat and tidy. You also end up with the pineapple shell in tact also, so you can make one of those little fruity drinks Smile


Source: via Beverly on Pinterest


apple corer. I am not good at using a knife and cutting out cores. Like the pineapple corer, it makes everything nice and neat .



Last but not least  Magic Bullet. I got this on a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I have used it so many times alreay. I make individual smoothies with frozen berries and milk, have whipped up some homemade whipped cream in about  5 seconds, made salsa and guacamole.   I really wanted a Ninja, and still would like one but this definitely works until I can afford one plus this is really easy to clean.



Okay, here is my confession. I am not and never have been a really organized person. My life is a complete mess. My finances are a mess, my house seems to stay a mess (not dirty, just seems cluttered). I have really been doing a lot of thinking and I know I need to get everything straightened out and get organized . I am trying to get my finances straightened out, but only God can really help us out of this one because we just keep getting ourselves messed up and I can’t seem to find a job because I have not worked in so long and I am now competing with others that have worked more recently. I am really trying to get my house in order. I have to go through closets and and get rid of a lot of things. I do menu plan but would like to get my recipes in order that I use all the time and start making theme nights. I am really going to make an effort to get myself straightened out.  So what organization tips do you have, whether it be for home, finance, etc..?

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