Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Z

I want to take a moment and tell my son happy birthday. He is 16 years old today, where has time gone. We celebrated  his birthday on the 4th last week because my sister and her family was moving and we wanted them to be a part .  I showed you the pic of the homemade cookie cake (recipe is on page) we made and it turned out awesome. Then we took the boys to the fireworks that night!

We ended up on top of a parking garage, which had a great view but took us over  2 hours to get down, so don't ever want to do this again. especially when you are in a crowded truck with no ac and an autistic child that has no patients. Let us say does not make for a fun evening.

Then we moved my sister 300 miles over the weekend. Let me say I do not want to ever move anyone that fast again. I am exhausted.  The good part is on the way home, we stopped at this little store on the way home that sold jelly's and jam's and amish cheeses and we picked up and jar of cinnamon pear preserves, red pepper jelly and for my husband cheese curds (he is from canada so that was a treat for him). We had to taste them all and they all are delicious. I think the cinnamon pear preserves would be to die for on french toast or pancakes!

Monday:  Grilled Tilapia and Veggies
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken
Wednesday Carmelized onion quiche
Thursday: Fried Rice
Friday:  Homemade pizza.

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