Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip to the zoo and Menu Plan Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Took our youth group to the zoo and we had such a blast .   Saw so many wonderful things, got stuck on the other side of this huge zoo in a thunderstorm, got lost and soaking wet! Needless to say we decided not to go to the Olive Garden. In a way I am glad we did not because we went to the Texas Road House  and ended up in a peanut fight! Thank goodness they were good sports and we did not get thrown out. See if we had went to Olive Garden we would not have been able to have a noodle fight. Here are some pictures from this weekend!

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I have to laugh at the little bird at the top. They are African Cranes and It and its partner were fascinated  with this little boy and they started honking! It sounded like car alarms going off lol. Oh we had so much fun.



Monday: Baked Tilapia

Tuesday:  Breakfast for dinner

Wednesday: Pork Fried Rice

Thursday: Broccoli Salad

Friday Kielbasa and Tortellini  Alfredo  I don’t use bottled Alfredo, I use this recipe

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