Friday, August 10, 2012

Elegant Healthy Dinners with Simple Ingredients



I know most of you have heard how groceries will be going up this year because of the drought we are in. That really sucks because I and probably most of you are on a tight budget. Even though we are on a budget, that does not mean we have to sacrifice a good healthy meal for hot dogs and chips,.

it just means we must make hard choices and stop putting the extra junk food in the cart that we do not need and replacing it with more healthy choices. It means we need to stop eating out and eating processed foods and to start cooking from scratch.  It also might be cutting meat portion sizes back and filling up on vegetables.  For example  instead of eating one of those monster size portions of chicken breast they have now, you can cut it in half  length wise that way you double the amount of meat you have, and you can have leftovers to make your groceries stretch. Filling your plate with large portions of veggies and not so much meat.

One thing I have learned is make a menu plan and grocery list and stick too it. Do not vary. 

I have been looking for recipes that are healthy, delicious  but use very simple ingredients. The key is to have a stocked pantry. These are basics that you use all the time for  me it is garlic, eggs, butter, flour, canned beans, tomato’s and dried pastas. Yours maybe totally different than mine. Here is a a series on

Building up your pantry on a budget

here are a few simple but healthy recipes that I have come across that you might find  useful also.

pan roasted chicken with shallots

pasta with garden veggies

Garlic Basil Halibut

Grilled Fish taco’s

Apple and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

What are some of your tricks to eating delicious, healthy on a budget. What are your Healthy and low cost recipes?

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