Friday, January 25, 2013

Awesome E-book and Valentines Day Ideas

I posted this on Facebook , but I am sure most of you have not seen it because of how quickly things change but  if you are looking for a an awesome Free (for right now) e-book recipe book, please check  Dinner and Wine for 20.00 or Less. The recipes look delicious and very inexpensive, I have already seen a few I will be trying very soon. For every recipe, they give some inexpensive wine suggestions. With valentines day sneaking up on us very soon, this would be a awesome way to make a very inexpensive valentines dinner. I promise, I am not getting any compensation at all, it is my own opinion!

Speaking of Valentines day, I have set up a valentines day pinterest board, if you are looking for something special to create for your loved one please follow my board here

Here are a couple of things I have pinned, will be adding more!

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